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    2 weeks ago

    M23 war: Is really the West responsible of war in the Eastern part of DRC?

    By Prosper HERI NGORORA, 13 February 2024 Amid the M23 war in Rutshuru, Masisi and…
    3 weeks ago

    World cancer day: Five types of cancer which are causing health damages and fatalities in North-Kivu province.

    By Prosper HERI NGORORA, 8 February 2024 Having a health system appalled by many other…
    28 January 2024

    DRC : HIV prevalence rate rises to 2 % in war-displaced camps around Goma, authorities warn.

    By Prosper HERI NGORORA, 28 Janvier 2024 While the World is in race to reduce…
    28 January 2024

    The UNCTAD expresses its concerns on disruptions in global trade affecting shipping in Black Sea and Red Sea.

    By Prosper HERI NGORORA, 28 January 2024 Amid war in Ukraine, tensions in some seas…
    International news
    17 January 2024

    DRC-Rwanda: One Congolese soldier shot dead, two captured while they cross Rwandan border.

    By Prosper HERI NGORORA, 17 January 2024 Amid heavy tensions between DRC and Rwanda, an…

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